Sunday, October 2, 2011


Competition is getting tougher now browser with the google chrome is showing a growing development. StatCounter out that google chrome is now experiencing rapid progress and improvement to threaten the position of other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and IE browsers leave much to many fans left.

Although chrome is now ranked the world's best two browsers, but Google continues to move aggressively to advertise a web browser to increase their market share significantly. 
In January 2011 the then market share is only 15 percent chrome, until recently marketnya rose to 23.6 percent by September 20 110 ago.

We already know for yourself that advantage chrome is very fast, not apart from the declining market share of Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, which fell 4 to 5 percent, besides having the advantage of being fast chrome itself also has a convenient feature is not wrong a lot more people 
like to download and use chrome in accessing the internet today.

Compared with other browsers chrome experiencing a rapid rise in AOS than Safari which is estimated to have experienced a slightly slower growth during the past year, why chrome is now experiencing a rapid increase, it is because Google has to advertise in various websites and blogs through google adsense so that can be downloaded 
free of charge and does not require a large capacity.
According to NetApplications forecasts StatCounter and fasteradoption of google chrome show greater divisions among the various other browsers, and browser chrome in the year will bringdefeat and surpass firefox as a browser that is reliable and widely used by Internet users worldwide.
If you do not have to install google chrome and i suggest you download google chrome. after downloading, install it immediately on your notebook computer or, in the process of installing the chrome is very easy and does not require a long time if you have a fairly fast Internet access or standard. I am sure you will feel satisfied after installation and wear them in accessing the Internet than any other browser.
Good luck and happy using the Chrome browser.


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