Thursday, September 29, 2011

This thing should be avoided as a Blogger

A lot of things poorly that we unconsciously do as a blogger in order to increase the number of visitors or blog traffic increased rapidly, in ways both subtle and less is not going to make our blog a long stay visitors or even other bloggers assess our blog not qualified or trash bloggers whose content is about things that are not like by others, so that we can achieve a loyal visitor and got the recognition that we are quality and useful blog for visitors to your blog or any other beginner blogger who wants to learn from you. Things that should be avoided as a blogger is as follows:

Lazy Writing
To become a blogger main requirement is to have a corresponding interest in writing what we want, we can write for what has happened to us, events that happen around us, or just write loads or things that have not been delivered through our blog. have maintained a strong interest and will make us become a productive blogger and like by readers, so there's always interest in writing then we must be more to read, so we can assess and give input on what we read through our blog. Writing can be a good hobby because writing makes our brains work and think hard to produce work that we can enjoy and share with others.

Copy Paste
The bad thing is often done by a novice blogger, or bloggers who do not have the knowledge and experience about bloggers, a lot of beginner bloggers plagiarized other bloggers writing up good and bring many visitors to the articles they write. In order to bring visitors as they wish, of course this is not like by bloggers who painstakingly wrote. We are slightly disappointed when the results of our work in coffee paste by other bloggers without asking permission first. Therefore avoid doing copy and paste, create your own works of writing that will surely make you feel proud of and can learn from the shortcomings of the literary works that you create. I am sure will one day enjoy the fruits of this learning process and become a successful blogger, popular and bring in more money through advertising.

racist act or of any State  not allowed because it has the potential to bring hatred and hostility as dangerous as the onset of civil war or a great hatred among fellow humans. Basically, we as humans do not have the perfection and with it we are not allowed to do racist for what we have and accomplish in our God-given. Then do it all once made a racist writings and invite hostility toward people or other parties.

Insulting another Blogger
Never once did insult other bloggers writing about what they did for the style of language or review what they wrote, by saying things that are not easy to read, otherwise a blogger should be able to create intimacy and strong friendships among fellow bloggers or readers of your blog, with bloggers of the world so I'm sure we will be more advanced and recognized by other States.

Bad things do provoke
There are some people blaming a particular party or use the blog to provoke doing bad things and growing hatred of people, some agencies, this discourse is a form of writing that is not healthy, drop, harassing and even defame others through the media bloggers. Let us be a blogger-friendly, creating a conducive atmosphere to build a quality discourse for peace, prosperity, justice and happiness of fellow human beings.

It was nice I was able to share and you can add the above posts that I make and not much worth it, hopefully we facilitated in writing and can enhance a harmonious togetherness fellow bloggers and readers are bloggers, Thank you.


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