Sunday, October 9, 2011

How to Receive a Good Guest

Receiving guests is something which is common in the household, perhaps a relative or neighbor we would visit our house to ask for something or other interests. We as a good host is required to provide service and a comfortable living room atmosphere for our guests who come to your home feel like home and we can have the pleasure to serve the guests well. 

People visiting our home with different backgrounds, there are merely stay in touch, borrow money or pay debts, establish cooperation or other more important things. 
Activities visit to a friend or relative for Indonesian people is very important because it can strengthen the communication and create business relationships become more fluent. Therefore frequently working visit to friends or relatives. 

In order for people who come home we feel comfortable and happy to visit our home there is nothing wrong if you follow a good way to receive guests below. 

Clean the living room of dust and dirt when necessary in order to give air freshener guests come to your home we feel happy and comfortable. 

Do not place the TV in the living room, place the family room TV, because television would disrupt the talks which will be delivered by a guest to us as hosts, to the intent and purpose of a guest comes into focus is not even going to forget what it conveys. 

Prepare snacks such as pastries over the kitchen living room, in addition to pastries drinks should you give to our guests who come to your home, such as sweet tea or a fresh cold drink, perhaps feeling tired on the way a visitor to our little house will be reduced in the presence of small food and beverages that we give to a guest. 

Speak to guests as possible without having to feel like a great lord who was his own home, consider asking them as brothers with the intent or terms of their arrival home you are before you menyakannya you first ask for news of the guests and people who have a relationship with him . 

Ending the conversation with the guests with a sentence that must be understood and not offend our guests come to your home as if we drive out, give reason and understanding with the right words. 

Give enough money for the fare home when guests come to your home we have shortcomings in terms of financial or rather is still poor. This is one of the recommended actions for us to have advantages compared with people who are deprived, by sharing our degree in the eyes of other people will rise and success will always come up to us. 

Hopefully some useful tips or way above us all, when there are more errors and a lack of me to say sorry, thank you for coming and reading my writing.


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