Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Obesity is Dangerous to our lives

Most of us who work in office activities mostly done by sitting with six to seven hours of his time, we do not realize that this activity is done continuously to make our body feels weak in doing any other strenuous activity like heavy lifting, walking a little way or just to clean up our messy house. Moreover, if we're at home is spent just sitting in a comfortable chair and love seat, watching tv accompanied by eating chips, burgers made from beef and other snacks and alcoholic drinks or other drinks blended with ice. It seems there is nothing wrong in such activity, and most of us do not think of it, you may feel healthy even with such a diet, obesity can cause heart attacks and even diabetes without us knowing it already exists in our bodies. 

This is not a trivial matter to us, but one thing we need to realize that obesity can kill us slowly and very torturing us. 
Body fat makes a big strain on the heart, with high blood pressure, ignoring the structure of our bones and joints. 

Lifestyle and quality of life as a mess. Never do sports activities as well as dining in a place that has not been proven cleanliness and quality of the food we eat, what makes our weight on the downside? The answer is not even that will make our bodies are getting fatter and bringing disease to our bodies. 

Obesity in the world today many are dominated by middle class or rich people or more who worked office and rarely do strenuous activity, stress also plays an important cause us to be fat because the diet and eating the wrong menu 

According to a professor who named Klim McPherson of Oxford University, the obesity rate in the UK will increase by more than 70% in 20 years if past trends continue. This will add 1 million people to 15, now there are one million, which means that in 20 years aka tone 26 million overweight people in the UK. This will be a press pressure on existing health services. 

So that our life is much healthier than being overweight or obese, we can reduce the amount of eating and choose a more healthy menu in your life, it takes a change and awareness so that we avoid obesity if only done with small changes such as diet that will have an effect on body weight we are not we anticipated. Reduce or if you need to avoid eating chips and alcoholic beverages such as beer, vodka and others, replacing them with healthy foods such as fish, fruit salad and, reduce sweet foods such as donuts, chocolate and bread. you too will soon be able to see change shape your body and achieve tangible results, your breathing will feel much better 

There is no harm if we try to plan your own diet is simple, and no costly than we bring in a nutritionist to help in losing weight, many ways and tips free tips that we can get on the internet in terms of diet or weight loss us. 

Do not feel frustrated or disappointed when the plan or diet program which you live does not work, you must ask yourself why a diet that I did not fail as expected, to lose weight instantly or too fast can also be dangerous. Therefore start off slowly slowly your diet program in a simple and stress is good for you. Do not give up easily with the results obtained during several weeks in your diet program, our weight will slowly come down and we will have a feeling or a sense of great pride that we can go on a diet or lose weight without the help of a nutritionist or others.


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