Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Healthy Living Without Smoking

In the modern era everything is there right now, smoking is something familiar. Smoking is considered to provide pleasure for us that have been addicted in smoking, whereas the adverse effects of smoking to the health of our body caused by substances nicotine and other substances have a negative impact and damage our organs.

Most active smokers have a reason to help relieve the stress they are experiencing are caused by the demands of work or other living expenses. 
Motivation and prestige of teenagers that are not owned by a friend called a coward or a group in front of others.

The main cause us as a smoker is a great curiosity when we think teens will smoke and the influence of our friends who made us to be smokers, starting from the try try to be active smokers conducted in secret hidden and when the feeling had grown bold smoked before 
both parents or siblings. Most parents do not want her children to be smokers, poverty and ignorance of parents also allow the child to become.

I believe we already know that other people inhale cigarette smoke near our impact is more dangerous than people who smoke cigarettes, because the active smokers (who smoke) will deploy smoke contaminated by dirty air around us. 
Maybe I and you already know that cigarette smoke contains many substances harmful substances such as tar as a substance poisons that damage lung cells and causing cancer in our heart, Carbon monoxide, which is also called Co-toxic substance that can cause a reduction in the ability of blood to bring oxygen into the body us.

Healthy life without smoking should we do to our quality of life could be longer and avoid the diseases caused by cigarette smoke that contains toxic substances that are very deadly. 
Many scientists prove that the chemicals contained in cigarette smoke can affect us who do not smoke around us. Many of us are not concerned about the dangers of smoking, therefore we as the people who know the dangers of smoking can advise and give guidance and prevention so as not smoking.

- Informing and continuous communication about the dangers of smoking, whether we as passive smokers and active smokers.

- Scolds and give advice to smokers who are around us, that cigarette smoke is annoying and dangerous for us.

- Establish a special room for active smokers so that they can freely and enjoy the smoke and toxic fumes that they do not realize.

Endanger the health of our bodies besides smoking can also deplete our finances, the more expensive the price of cigarettes is not a problem for those who have been exposed to opium smoking, they will always try to get smoked, though not even try to have the money owed. 
Once again do not ever tried to smoke, because once we do that then the source of the disease will grow and dwell in our bodies. 


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