Sunday, September 18, 2011

How to increase the popularity of the artist in a negative way

The development of the entertainment world that increasingly advanced and rapidly lately due to the existence of many private TV stations that show up and provide quality and favored by connoisseurs own television itself is the main public. 
In Indonesia now has established several private TV station RCTI pioneered by exactly 22 years ago was stand up and aired in 1989 that still rely on news events. In one after another SCTV and some other tv station was founded by successful entrepreneurs.

Entertainment events or intertainment like soap operas, music and event entertainment and glamor that smells more now dominate the show on television. 
Conten with many television shows in the field of entertainment is to cultivate an indirect competition from the world of entertainment that the perpetrator himself or his fancy term is now a public figure. From the age of children to adults who have looks, talent and courage to perform in public or in front of the camera.

To get a new artist or hunt down tv stations compete to hold a talent search contest whether it is in the field of music, acting, and other presenters. 
This talent show received high appreciation from the audience of the television to fall or become an artist like their idol that they often saw on television, in order to known and changing the economic status of families and a better future and well-established.

With increasing time and increasingly sophisticated technology in television entertainment make competition in the world is very diverse and rapidly, a small spinning wheel menginjam adolescents, as well as an adolescent into adulthood and old, to get the chance always appeared on television to create wealth and pattern purse purse 
life is more glamorous.
So that the artist could still exist and popular part of the artist doing way less likely to invite controversy good for the television audience. 
Most of the time watching tv and reading the news infotainment who tend not to educate, I can infer some of the ways that the artist can be even more popular.

Main rear
My point here is the wrong way is with relationships based on self-respect by selling to the owner or the like artist management, artist management or the opposite party has promised, sweet but with syaratbisa jani invited to sleep, in order to appear in a television show

Increasingly feel famous and popular artist pair of couples committing affair that led to the divorce and dissolution of households that they were coached before or after the meaning.Infidelity fellow artist often occur behind the celebrity life. 
Especially with the infotainment television shows that correcting out all life and the glamorous world of celebrity we. Infotainment that often preached the life of the artist with the intrigue that is sometimes made for the television audience and forced to make more curious.

Conflict and intrigue
Conflict and intrigue that made the world of celebrity made to raise the prestige, both domestic conflict, cooperation with the organizers of the event on television or with business associates, made so attractive and protracted and dispose of shame as if it was good for him and the community to 
could serve as an example.

Appearance Nudity
Many artists now have a style of dress that follows the western culture is completely open and show the form of a seductive curves lust of men rose and a less good example for teens. 
They are not ashamed even proud of because it could provide the perfect look decent show.

Association and free lifestyle
Besides the sexy appearance, relationships and lifestyle are completely free in the world of celebrity becomes a major Conten of infotainment to be submitted to the general public who indirectly received opposition from some of our society who still care about their children's growth to be on the right.

How to raise the above artist's popularity is likely to negatively by some of our artist or public figure, and conversely they are also gaining popularity and achievements, and things are good and decent things that they lead to the artist.


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