Sunday, September 18, 2011

Floyd maywheater cheating

Sunday morning I saw a boxing match against the world floyd maywheater viktor Ortiz on TVOne television station that runs exciting and full of pride, a lot of spectators who filled the seats among the spectators a good boxer like Mike Tyson and a few Hollywood artists and other famous singers he also saw this boxing game 

Very large audience enthusiasm towards their idol boxer in the presence of a seat, applause and whistles are diverse. 
As usual before the game takes place in singing the national anthem of each boxer of the same nationality as the United States, sound and appearance to sing the national anthem is very nice and beautiful, no wonder because this is a game full of prestige and glamor.

Once the new national anthem was played and the announcer introduced the profile title that carried by the boxer. 
The host is expressed in a loud and lively atmosphere add to the game in the building game.

The first round match at the start by carefully each boxer to recognize and attack the opponent. 
Viktor ortis and floyd maywheater launched many mild and often dodge punches. New in the second round, both fighters are confident in hitting the opponent and frequent trading punches a nice watch.

New in the fourth round fight hard and full of emotion this happens controversy by floyd maywheater against viktor ortis to hit his opponent before the referee started the match after an action is performed by header ortis viktor, viktor ortis who are not ready to fall and fell down hit maywheater which many considered to be cheating. I myself who watched the game on television is very furious and deplored the attitude of cheating committed by the boxer floyd maywheater this.

I am a connoisseur judging a boxing match boxing floyd maywheater sneaky and underhanded way to reach out and increase the title it bears, with this I think will make him cautious of other boxers in boxing and want to destroy floyd maywheater when later dealing with him.


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