Sunday, October 2, 2011

When Chromezone will be present in Indonesia?

Create a fellow netter what you already know that search engine giant Google has opened up shop online gadgets for the first time in the British capital, London, this gadget shop they named Chromezone. Chromezone naming is very unique and obviously very in touch with other Google products.

Chromezone gadget shop in Tottenham Court Road, London. 
For the first time this gadget stores sell chromebook trial, which is a laptop that has made Google Chrome OS and several technology vendors such as Acer and Samsung.

Chromebook is a laptop that has many functions that rely on internet connection.Previously, gadgets or laptops are sold online and you can look directly at the store and buy the google gadget at a time to ask the shopkeeper about the capabilities, specifications and price of this laptop chromebook.

Google steps to make your own shop and follow the Apple Store Microsoft Store.However Chromezone not be compared with them because it is still testing and selling of goods is still limited. 
Google intends to open more such stores in the future.

With the establishment of this chromezone gadget shop indirectly will be closer to consumers who already know the quality of products manufactured by google this, in order to find guidance and advice needed by the buyer.
We'll see the development of this chromezone shop, what helped increase sales of products google or simply as material testing per se, but my big hope with the google gadget shop "chromezone" can improve our products and connect directly to consumers directly.

I wonder when google will open stores chromezone gadgets in our country is this?Hehehe allow hope and dream to open a branch store google gadgets chromezone. Ok buddy netter if you're curious to know chromezone you can go directly where it stands chromezone namely in Tottenham Court Road, London.


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