Friday, October 7, 2011

Benefits and Effects TV for Children

Television is a telecommunication medium that serves as the recipient of the famous broadcast of moving pictures and sound.Tevisi word is a combination of words tele meaning far and visio visual meaning when combined these two words can be interpreted as a means of distance communication that uses visual media / visual. Television was invented and commercialized in bulk in the late 1920s created by John Logie Baird from Scotland who made television has a picture resolution. Now television is television has an important role in the socialization of business, knowledge and information.

Besides the Internet, reading books, it can also be used television as a medium of learning is good for growth and development of children and our families by choosing television programs and the role of parents always accompany your child while watching a television show a wide range of event types, be it entertainment,knowledge, as well as events that educate the audience itself.

 But many television shows which presents entertainment such as movies, soap operas and other entertaining events that make us as viewers often forget the time and lazy to run activities that must be done in the household. 
Every day we might enjoy a three-hour television show even more when we use to watch our favorite television show with a loved one like a husband or our families at home.

More and more parents today who allow their children to watch television without giving direction and selecting the show-quality and appropriate for our children indirectly bad for a low child language development, and imitate the bad behavior that exist in these television shows, for 
avoid adverse impacts of this good we as parents provide the rules and assist children during television viewing. Obesity, the desire to smoke becomes higher, the reading interests of children to be reduced and sleep time is reduced because children watch television for too long is also an adverse effect of watched television.

Activities of watching television is mostly done by sitting and lying a long time without expending energy negative impact on health, fitness level makes a lower high cholesterol levels increase, the more often we are watching television the higher the better our chances that obese children 
and adults. Obesity or overweight will be associated with higher risk of cancer, prostate and cardiovascular disease.

Television is like a window to the world that can increase a person's horizons about many things. 
A variety of programs available can be an effective vehicle to foster creativity as well as insight.

The presence of educational programs provided subscription television, many parents are widely used to enrich the knowledge of her baby, as well as the entertainment arena.
If you've been letting the kids watch television, why not make it as part of learning for your child?

We as parents should not be indifferent and should care about the education of children, especially in watching television shows that are quality and educate and influence the development of the child for the better. this can be done by watching pay-tv which presents a quality event and we can choose to watch our children at home.


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