Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Website best news of my choice

Websites that I visit often and be a reference to find out the latest news, be it sports, news, lifestyle, technology and its main football news, there are many websites that looks interesting but its content is almost all the same. I do not know why this happened, maybe the source or the author's informants were the same person.

Every day I took time to find a sport or football news on the website of my choice, to find reviews, match results or the profile of soccer stars. In Indonesia there are many websites that serve a wide range of compelling content and to benefit the readers like us. The tendency of people now who are busy with daily work dealing directly with a computer and internet connected. Website of my choice that I frequently access to I read was as follows; is a news portal website that provides the latest news and updates compared to other websites, many current events that occurred in the ground water directly te rmuat in their news content, the website some time ago have passed out of ownership and was bought by a national young entrepreneur father Chairul Tanjung TRANS owner Corps, besides Conten good news along with interesting pictures, also has the disadvantage that many of his ads that often hinder access to data browsing news to be addressed.
portal website little more nuance and style similar to the news but in the news a little longer than, the excess of column Conten is its regular menu and do not make us confused. Legal is one of the MNC subsidiary owned by young entrepreneurs nationwide harry tanoesudibjo.
Portal website presents world news and celebrity lifestyle Indonesia and abroad, presents profiles and gossip about the artist both singers, players and other films related to the entertainment world. Here we can see the gallery artists from A to Z of new entrants to the artist who is too old.
I mention the portal website of local flavors, because it presents the news with the local language and style is more down to earth, a review written in this very good choice of editor or reader's own resource persons who took part in the blog Kompasiana, which directly contribute news good to share with readers or netter all. is including a subsidiary of the well known seaside with a variety of books that dominate the print book stores nationwide in Indonesia. is a website that presents a religious nuance that we do not get from the portal site above, here we can take your lessons and to some extent improve our faith by reading all the nuances of the religion, question and answer column, current events in the Islamic world and the rest of the world news that motivate us to be always on the right way with the rules of religion and the counsel of the clergy. Conten eramuslim website that I like are "reverts" to bring news and profiles how one could become a Muslim with a winding road and the challenges of people around who do not accept that the man was turned into Muslims. is a news portal owned by the SCTV television station, he repeated the news content that has been presented in the tv media, reserved for those who lose the opportunity to access the SCTV news directly. Conten news that I like is deliver sharp video and news coverage and reliable.


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