Saturday, September 17, 2011

Latest smartfren prime card speeds up to 14.7 Mbps

Today I read a column techno Legal website featuring news smartfren the latest product launches prime card that is guaranteed not to make slow or rather we can access the Internet up to 14.7 Mbps speeds that we can use to access the internet whether it be data or video data. 

By purchasing cards smartfren prime anti-slow or slow i hate it we can get data and voice communications needs of high-quality, fast and not slow anymore, and low cost. 
A solution to improve the smoothness of consumers to socialize and support the optimal productivity, "said Rodolfo Pantoja, President Director smartfren, as reported through its official statement on Saturday 17 September 2011 yesterday. 

Smartfren prime cards offered at a price of Rp 5,000 to Rp 5,000 bonus initial pulse that can be used for voice communication, SMS, and internet. Customers can choose the package that is offered by Connex Package for data communications only, or Package Daily / Monthly Package for data and voice communications. 

To guarantee a cost-effective communications anywhere, customers can have 2 numbers in one card where the local number (FWA) can be selected according to customer desires. 
To find the numbers can be done by typing: FWAONKode Area4 digit number you want and send to 123. Example: FWA ON 021 2500. 

I think the latest smartfren product is very good and cheap for all walks of society its main medium. 


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