Sunday, September 25, 2011

How to Choose and Use a Good AC

On a hot summer now, the need for air conditioner (AC) as a much-needed air conditioning its main office or home office elite homes, although we use the AC, does not mean we can not be wise and frugal in using it.

Buying and choosing a quality air conditioning and durable it is rather difficult. Apart from having to fit the budgets that we have to buy it, my advice in using the AC should we have to adjust the size of the room with Paard Kracht (PK). Paard Kracht or abbreviated PK is a resource that we need to produce a British Thermal Unit (BTU). BTU will determine the resulting level of coolness to the air we can enjoy.

Actually, to produce a large BTU PK is also a great need also to the level of coolness can get more leverage, so we often refer to large cold or coolness of an AC based on its PK.

If we have to choose and buy the right air conditioning, in its use must also be accompanied by a careful and wise attitude, like, we put the ac in the appropriate area of
​​the room, if not match, then the performance of the ac will work wasteful and indirectly make our electricity bill higher.

After that, we must regulate the temperature of air-conditioning temperature at normal numbers, approximately in the range of 23-25
​​degrees Celsius or the temperature as comfortable as we want, because the lower the temperature of the temperature we use the greater the energy or power that we spend.

Then, we have to save the burden of using ac electrical energy in a way, turn off air conditioning when we are traveling or out of the house, rather than the burden of energy wasted in vain we better turn off the AC, when the winter or rainy season subtract the use of air conditioning, diligently cleaning the air filter 
room air conditioner from dusts, and no less important is we have to close the window or door when we turned on the AC.

Put air freshener in the scent so that the ac side and our room was always cool as well as aroma therapy that makes us more relaxed and comfortable in work or daily routine. 
the latter seek services of an experienced air conditioning service and have a good service for our AC service every three to four months so conditioned that we have we can use longer and produce a coolness that we expect.


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